Awakening the Soul

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Where is the humanity in you?
Look at your dying hands.
Written the marks of executioner.
Stationed at the frontline.
Born to kill.
Look at your bludgeoned victim.
Tainted with marks of slaughter.
Shrouded in red;
Buried in white.
Look at your orphaned child.
Contaminated with a vision of hatred.
Disrupted and disturbed,
Innocence broken.
Look at your widow in love.
Replacement becomes futile.
Praying it is a nightmare.
Awakening to uncover emptiness.
Look at your people.
In total disarray.
Perplexed, thrown into darkness
Befriending nothing but their own shadows.
Remembering my people killed in Iraq on a daily basis for no other reason than just trying to live.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

To me:
When I first started this blog, it was a place where I could keep all the inspirational and interesting pieces I had read and recollect them from time to time. It also became a sanctuary where I could keep all my bad poetry I write. A place where I can just go and just feel peace with what I put in, and where I can truly be myself.
I look back and read through what I wrote over the past year and so many months and written between the lines...somewhere...there is a hidden meaning only which I can relate to. Looking back I remember the states I was in at each entry, sometimes in a state of confusion, at other times in a bubble of complete bliss only to find it burst down the line and clinging on to hope. I remember where I was when I wrote each entry, each emotion I can still feel it when I read back at an fresh it still seems, i can just taste it.
I look back and I don't just want to live, I just cant seem to fit into that conventional mode of life, I feel its not me, its not for me, it feels like an act that I put on, furthermore it's not want my heart wants.
It just feels like I cant relate to anyone at the moment, the few people who I have met, who I have had some connection with, who have guided me over the years have long gone and now im sitting here typing to myself wondering where to go from here.
I know what I want in my heart but is it achievable for me?
To be continued, if ever I pick up on the points made.