Awakening the Soul

Friday, February 17, 2006

Until we meet again
The illnesses of society have decapitated my soul
Confused at how society can stoop so low
Departing these people I shall go
For a temporary while I bid farewell

Bless those searching for truth, purpose and love;
Seek with a heart of purity and innocence.
Until we meet again my friend on life’s journey
Peace be on your soul.
Tempest ©
(To those very few people who have touched my life, showed me love and who have given me a true purpose to my life...thank you...i'll be back when God wills it.)

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

All that is there

The slow trickling stream bringing with it a fresh cool drink to quench the thirst;
The blinding sun reaching out to cover the earth with its rays of warmth;
The chanting wind singing out its song of solitude;
If i could only be the coolness of the stream;
The warmth of the sun;
The song of the wind.
If i could only reach out,
be that...
... and much more.

For what is it to be that encapsulated soul in a body cable of destruction and torment.
Take this body back to the dry earth where it belongs;
Let it merge with the sweet smell of earth and let this soul be all that is free.
Tempest ©