Awakening the Soul

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bleeding beauty

She has become tired and weak once more
Her land cannot absorb the seeping blood of man
Poisoned by it, she wails a painful cry
More remains to bury six feet under
Shrouds of black veil her luscious green beauty
The cedar bows down in homage to its fallen victims
Whilst the wind carries her painful wails through the mountaintops and valleys
From Bekaa to Tyre
From the north to the south
And her people can not hear her sorrowful whisper nor feel her painful ache
She is dying and no one dares to notice.

tempest 17/05/08

Friday, June 13, 2008

Inspired by 'the bucket list' I have written my own set of things to achieve before my light diminishes and i give my body to the soil and my soul goes back to its origin:

1) WitNEss the wOrlD fROm a DifFeReNT AnGLe

2) WitnESs A BEauTy thAt WAs oNCe SaiD NO pENCiL cAN DrAW it, NO cOLOuRs

cAn paINt it and NO WOrdS cAN deSCribE it in ALL its MagNIficENce.

3) Find My SOul MaTE

4) NOT Be aFRAid

5) VISit thE mUSeUM and BUriaL SITe of GibRAn

6) Be aBLe to FOrGIve thOSe I cAN nOT

7) BE soMetHInG To SoMeoNE

8) SPend the nIGhT in a CAve fULL of BaTs

9) Own a Pet SNAke

10) TO KNow my EXisTEnce Was NOt a WAstED ONE