Awakening the Soul

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Emancipating the light from the darkness rivets around the notion that much required strength and the utmost contagious flow of pure love is needed.
Love in its purest form neither discriminates nor differentiates.
Both the affluent and deprived can acquire it.
Love in its purest form does not disintegrate with the passing of time rather its bond strengthens and its light never fails to brighten the darkest of days.
Its grasp tightening;
Its union strengthening;
Its laugh victorious:
Its pain torturous.
A million love songs will not suffice.
A million words will fail to enchanter.
A million paintings will not succumb to an emotion as strong as the casting iron.
You alone and alone will witness the rise and fall of such adoration.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

As of yet untitled

There is this pain instilled within my heart.
A pain so crude and torturous.
A pain that numbs the emotion of love,
Deafens laughter and exercises discontent.
A pain that plays the devils game and leaves the hearts entangled in a hopeless fall.
An attraction fatal;
A wound unhealing;
A soul shaken;
A unity shattered;
A chapter forgotten
And a story untold.

tempest 13/07/08