Awakening the Soul

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Soul TV

Your remedy is within you

-What you seek is within you if only you reflect.

A dying mans last lecture
-When people are hit with an extreme, life-disrupting they will feel either wounded and bitter, or strengthened and better.

Spiritual Archeology
- Are their any ideals that if discussed, practiced and followed can enrich and unite all humanity?


  • At 4:16 am, Blogger Tayie said…

    Dear Tempest

    This is Tayie Rehem from I noticed some of our programs on your site. We think this is a good way to share and spread the message of love and peace and I thank you for caring. I have read some of your poems such as Humanity's Call. I wonder if I have your permission to compose this work into visual with music and share it with our global viewers?

    Please feel free to ad our link to your blog, this way you are allways playing the latest up-date videos. You may contact me through contat us


    Tayie Rehem

  • At 2:00 pm, Anonymous naila said…

    my name is naila ansari iam play wright from pakistan residing in dubai,,iwould love to contrbute ..this is one channel where my voice which sings a different song could be heard ..lots of love to atiya khan ..remember nasal atiya.tell me how do i reach u .


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