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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Striving to escape escapism. Part 1

Striving to escape escapism. The day spent in a world of fantasy, conjuring up mini movies to flee the reality of your mundane and unattractive life. Where shall this wondering mind take you, to what ends of the earth will you travel to and what acquaintances will you adorn yourself with. As we are talking about ones self and ones own imagination, the ego cannot contain its excitement, therefore it is only befitting that you shall turn out to be the hero, after all you do become the writer, the producer and director, all in one.

Whatever the scenario maybe in your world of fantasy and illusion, the act of fulfillment be it for a fraction of a second or hours on end, diverts the attention away from the some what harshness of life.

The failures of the self, the pressures of society, the need to be something which you can not be, the burden that lies on ones shoulder. We grow tired of the commercialistic society that we live in. The means to escape is quite simple in a time where everything and anything is easily obtainable. The unlimited indulgence of alcohol and illicit drugs, the lavish spending, the absorption into the lives of celebrities, anything which distracts you from your own reality and leads one not confronting their own lives can be classed as escapism, and the individual known as ‘the escapist’.


  • At 2:26 pm, Anonymous irving said…

    So true. Yet, we can run but cannot hide from ourselves forever. Eventually the truth of our vain attempts to escape our cage of other peoples opinions and expectations, which we take as our own self image, comes crashing down. And no amount of drugs or alcohol can stop the depression and the pain.

    May Allah bless you, dear Sister, with love and kindness, mercy and a tranquil heart.

    Ya Haqq!

  • At 11:20 am, Blogger Tempest said…

    Thank you...its having people like you in this world that makes one happy to be part of the human race, though you are few and far between.

  • At 3:45 pm, Anonymous Dan said…

    Limited Movement
    Back and forth in a haze of confusion, what to do, is it worth it?
    So tired of living inside expectations of others and myself,
    Tearing myself to pieces just to see if anything lies in the spaces in between,
    Getting high, getting low, bouncing from wall to wall, in the boxed shadows of my twisted reality,
    Giving myself hope, darkness, confusion, pain, love and light but to what end?
    Rising above and crashing down, the constant circle of my blessed yet unsatisfactory existence,
    Keeping Fit and healthy for my beautiful children I must, for they are the saviours of my soul.
    Yet the confines of commitment and parenting chain my feet to the ground,
    Only very little release to the burning fires of undying passion and ambition within me.

  • At 9:14 pm, Blogger Tempest said…

    Limited mind for such a lost soul
    Move forward and the whole world moves with you
    Stagnate and the world will cease to become your master.
    Its difficult to live in a world that expects too much from you but offers you less in return.
    Its difficult to live in the shadow of others, to feel as though you are a piece of meat thrown out to the wolves
    With difficulty comes ease, with pain comes pleasure and with sadness comes happiness
    A human wanting to be free, to breathe in and taste the sweet pleasure of having no responsibility,
    To be free from the shackles that hold you down, those that suffocate your soul
    For just one moment, for one second have nothing on your mind, erase all memory of existence and smile and say I am at peace with myself.


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